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Why Crackmydeal

Welcome to a new world of shopping. We at Crackmydeal promise you a one of its kind shopping experience where you can browse our website for the best discounts available


for your favourite items and then go shopping while spending less!  In the Crackmydeal world, there are permanent sales.


Crackmydeal forms a bridge between online shopping and ‘physical’ shopping.  Online shopping has the disadvantage that you cannot see and evaluate the desired items, nor


can you try items on. Physical shopping has the disadvantage that it is hard to know where the best discounts are and where the best stores are for the items you are looking


for: Crackmydeal solves both advantages: it makes physical shopping easier and smoother, and most of all… cheaper!  Your shopping experience becomes more pleasant even


before you start.


Other advantages of Crackmydeal

  • We are absolutely free! There are no registration fees, no annual fees, no pay out fees, and simply no hidden charges. You can register for free, shop and earn money. It is as simple as that.
  • Shoppers can browse for coupons in all the retail categories offered on our site, and then go out and shop with a guaranteed discount.