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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will I receive spam or junk mail if I sign up at


→ Rest assured, your email address and information you submit to Crackmydealwill not be given or sold to anyone else.


2) Is it really Free to open a Crackmydealaccount?


→ Absolutely.


3) How do I go to My Account?


→ To go to your Crackmydealaccount, first login. Then click on the “My Account” link at the top of any page.


4) How do I change my password?


→ Login and click on My Account. Then click on “Change Password” link on the right, under Quick Links


5) How do I close my Crackmydeal account?


→ You may contact Customer Support if you want your account removed from our database. Please reconsider before closing your account – once you close your account it will be deleted permanently.



6) Do I need to download anything to use Crackmydeal?


→ No. You are free to use Crackmydeal without any downloads.


7) What are Crackmydeal's Terms and Conditions?


→ View by clicking on the Terms & Conditions link.